Maternity - Health of Mothers and new borns

Rotary makes high-quality health care available to vulnerable mothers and children so they can live longer and grow stronger.

Maternity - Health of Mothers and new borns

“We expand access to quality care, so mothers and children everywhere can have the same opportunities for a healthy future. An estimated 5.9 million children under the age of five die each year because of malnutrition, inadequate health care, and poor sanitation — all of which can be prevented.”

Rotary provides education, immunizations, birth kits, and mobile health clinics. Women are taught how to prevent mother-to-infant HIV transmission, how to breast-feed, and how to protect themselves and their children from disease.

  • Life Saving Hospital equipment’s
  • Healing Scars of War
  • Sustainable Program
  • Clean Births
  • Telemedicine’s


The Rotary reaches mothers and children in need by giving communities the help and training they need to take control of their own maternal and infant health care.

Rotary makes amazing things happen, like:

  • Mobile prenatal clinics
  • Cancer screening
  • Preventing injuries and deaths

What can you do to support mothers and their children?